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Semiconductor Process & MetrologySemiconductor Process & MetrologySemiconductor Process & Metrology

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Daventria support during the Covid-19 alert period!

While personal safety for our colleagues and customers is most important, we are focusing our efforts on critical customer projects.  Tool installations and site visits are being temporarily postponed or limited.  Call or email if you need any info or support. Thank you! -- Team Daventria


Giorgio Technical, Accretech, wire saw, SS20, wafer dicing, precision cutting, YacDastech,

Giorgio Technical Sales

Surface & Film Measurement

Giorgio Technical Sales

Dicing Saws

  • New Accretech Saws
  • Rebuilt Saws

Dicing Blades

Service Support

Spare Parts

Expertech, Compact Thermal Reactor, oxidation, LPCVD, diffusion, nitride, anneal,

Equipment Innovations

Surface & Film Measurement

Giorgio Technical Sales

Compact Thermal Reactors

Horizontal Thermal Reactors

Vertical Thermal Reactors

Sentronics Metrology, thickness, roughness, film thickness,

Surface & Film Measurement

Surface & Film Measurement

Surface & Film Measurement

Automated Surface Metrology Systems

Film & Substrate Measurements

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